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polka dots & cherries

29 July 1983
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alcohol, alternative beauty, amanda palmer, american beauty, american dad, animation, astrology, bands from iceland, bath bombs, baths, battles, bettie page, black and white, boards of canada, boys, burlesque, cats, cheesy 80s music, cherries, cherry poppin daddies, cog, corsets, creativity, dancing, darth vegas, daydreaming, decoder ring, degrassi, digital art, digital photography, discovering new bands, donnie darko, eating red meat, ebay, electronica, family guy, fetish, futurama, getting out of australia, ghost world, girls, goldfrapp, gossiping, goth fashion, gregory crewdson, gypsy music, haunted buildings, hot goth chicks, indie films, inga liljeström, intelligence, jeff buckley, joseph gordon-levitt, kate bush, lamb, lantana, laughing at nerds, laughing at stupid people, left wing, life on mars, live music, lost highway, lou rhodes, love, lush, lust, making mix cds, massive attack, massive heels, match point, meeting random people, melbourne, money, múm, napoleon dynamite, new york, newtown, nine inch nails, noise, nostalgia, obsessing, peaches, photography, photoshop, piercings, pinup, politics, polka dots, portishead, pretention, pubs, quentin tarantino, reading, red hair, royal crown revue, satire, sex, sex and the city, sex lies and videotape, short bus, shy nerdy boys, sigur ros, six feet under, small bars, smart people, smashing pumpkins, snow, somersault, south park, spring, storytelling, tattoos, terrace houses, the book of revelation, the chumscrubber, the dead girl, the dresden dolls, the internet, the jammed, the simpsons, the sims, the townie, tool, travelling, travelling north america, triple j, urban decay, we-need-to-talk-about-kevin, weirdos, wolf creek, woody allen, writing, xiu xiu, yen magazine